Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Gills Pickles

Gills Pickles

With a few hours Sunday morning and the weather calling for local thunderstorms, the goal was to get in little time on the water.  Upon arrival it was a little eerie with no wind at all and clouds closing in. 

The small pond was like glass, with no signs of feeding or cruising fish.

Starting out with a Dun Foam Butt Caddis the fish came to life, with a steady rise of gills along with a few small bass.

When the rain came at a drizzle I kept fishing.....fish didn't seem to mind. Then lightning lit things up and I headed for the pavilion 

Since a fight with lightning is never a good thing, I sat things out, using the time to re-rig a badly 
beaten setup.  

After the rain stopped the fish decided they had seen enough of the FBC, switching to the X-Gurgler was the hot fly.  That is until the lightning returned and I finally packed it in.  

The rest of the day was not lost to the rain however. It gave time to knock out another of my favorite things....Garlic Dills.  5 quarts canned plus another 1/2 gallon brining in the refrigerator.  Now the painful 3 week wait.  They should be enough to carry the summer. 

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