Sunday, May 19, 2019

Float Tube and Summer Bugs

First 2019 outing in the tube

With the weather cooperating, it was time to dust off the Cumberland and prospect for gills.

A bluebird day with just a tad bit of a breeze.  It was enough of a breeze however to wear my but down quickly.  

1st fish of the year from the tube was a fat colored-up Bull

After running through my box on a particularly picky day, they settled on a blonde Foam-Butt Caddis

Tying the FBC

All Bulls on the day. No Hens and no bass.

Some big fish for this early, and all very aggressive on the rise

A nice start paid for with wind-beaten legs and hip-flexer's

Its that time of year again



  1. Ralph
    Hope you was able to dress some of those nice gills for a meal. I could see you using the float tube in some tight places in area lakes you fish there.
    P.S. Got the flies Saturday and will be giving them try Tuesday. It was a full moon 3 or 4 days ago, so hope the spawn is occurring this week. Thanks for sharing

  2. Bill, the tube definitely has its place on certain waters. Cant wait to hear how they do for you. Good luck on the water.

  3. Ralph bluegills are great on a fly rod. They will give you all the fight you can handle. Their colors are awesome.

  4. They are a very nice copper on this water when colored up.