Saturday, May 4, 2019

Spring Bass on Top

Spring Bass on top

Courtesy of the X-Gurgler

Spring Bass are warming up along with the weather.  Cutting through the shallows and aggressive on top.

They are looking up.  Have to love that.

Just about time for the tube.


  1. Ralph
    Bass can create some heart pounding action on top, especially during the spring spawn. Glad you made the connection---thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing Ralph but there's plenty of time for bass later on. Spring time is for trout, in my opinion only. Your mileage may vary.

  3. John, bass are local for me. So I fish for whatever time allows. Was on trout this weekend.

  4. There's a little bass lake a few minutes from my house where those gurglers would be hot stuff. Gonna' have to tie up a few.

  5. Al, please post a report on how they do on your home waters. Thanks for the visit.

    1. Well Ralph, I tied up a few gurglers and had a lot of fun with the 'gills and bass. I like 'em!