Saturday, May 25, 2019

A CGR 7/8 Five Year Review

After 5 years one thing has remained consistent....the CGR 7/8

5 years ago I strung up 3 CGR's, the 7' 4/5wt, the 7'6" 5/6wt and the 7'6" 7/8wt.  All three have been very nice rods on the water, yet with rods time is the true test of a rods performance.

The 5wt took damage in a fall and was repaired with a new reel seat.  Yet even after repaired with an upgrade it seldom gets used, as personally it really has average qualities as a 7' 5wt.  

The 6wt is a great rod in its on right, proving its worth on both warmwater and as a great winter trout rod. But it is now at a friends house in Florida, which tells me it was replaceable in the end. 

The 7/8 however, is a warmwater companion that I have had trouble leaving behind. It has kept several much higher end rigs gathering dust. Lined with an Orvis WF7F Warmwater line, it casts like an extension of my hand and has stood up to some rough work. The spigot ferrules are as tight as when new, as with the rest of the rods build quality. It has the strength to lean on bass in vegetation, the backbone to muscle inshore bluefish on the coast and has done very well with heavy streamers for trout.  But first and foremost, it is my rod of choice for float tubing.

Day 1 with the CGR

5 years of hard labor has proven the CGR 7/8 to be not only an exceptional rod value, but an exceptional rod all around.

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