Thursday, May 16, 2019

Restocking The Original

Original Version of the GRHE Tied and Fished

The first nymph I learned to tie

I learned this pattern, minus the bead and on a standard nymph hook, during a tying class in 1989.  It was the first nymph we were shown.  I still tie and fish it often along with a number of other GRHE variations.  I think after 30 years, it is here to stay. I was down to 2 of them in my box.....time to replenish.

Beadhead GRHE
HOOK:  #16-12 Scud
BEAD:  Gold
THREAD:  6/0 Black
TAIL:  4-5 Pheasant Tail Fibers
RIB:  Fine Gold Wire
ABDOMEN & THORAX: Hareline Haretron Natural Rabbit
WINGCASE:  4-5 Peacock Herl

The three variations I keep stocked in my boxes.
Rear to Front
(The Original GRHE, The C2C Nymph, The GRHE tied with Ginger Haretron and PT wingcase)

The C2C tying Video covers all tying steps required to tie all three patterns.


  1. Ralph
    Nice work at the vice; I would imagine there was a lot of lead used in fly fishing before the beadhead was introduced to fly tying? Thanks for sharing

  2. Yeah, a lot of under-wrapping. Lead substitute wire has helped as well.