Sunday, May 12, 2019

Let it rain!

Let it Rain

When you're 2 hrs away with only one afternoon to fish...and its raining?  

You fish.

It was my second trip hitting a new stretch of water, and once again high water.  Thankfully not off-color, but being shorter in stature the higher water limited my ability to fish most pools how I would have liked to.  But no fish has ever been caught by sitting in a living room complaining about the rain, so as my dad would say, "Fish don't mind rain Bud...cinch up your waders, pull up your hood and get in the water". 

The day would eventually prove a challenge. My line/rod proved to be not quite what I needed for a heavy nymph rig, which caused much more time untangling and re-rigging than normal.  Throw in a stumbling fall forward in knee deep water which my knuckles took the brunt of as I tried to save my rod. An event punctuated with a bit of colorful narration by yours-truly as the sleeves of my waterproof wading jacket quickly filled with trout temperature water.  Fortunately for us all, the rain had driven the ears of children from the stream. 

In the end, both due to a bit of diligence and a lot of pure stubbornness, I did manage to bring one nice brown to hand.  An event courtesy of the TC2.

My kingdom for a collision of time and nice weather!


  1. Ralph
    Landing one trout in tough conditions proves how good of a trout fisherman you are!! Nice work at the bench--thanks for sharing

  2. Bill, thanks much. I am however, fairly certain the fish was blind and starving to death. LOL