Saturday, June 15, 2019

Friday Networking

Fishing Creek PA

Not often does a full weekday to fish, perfect water conditions & perfect weather coincide with a good friend being free for the day.  Rare though it may be....yesterday, it happened.

Jim High-sticking

It wasn't planned, but given the day we took advantage of the opportunity.  Nymphing was the order of the day & the fish cooperated. March Brown patterns proved the most productive.

The Far-and-Fine reminded me of just why it has remained my favorite rod.

My most productive pattern was the RP Starling

The best kind of network

The best fish on the day went to Jim.  

This Bow won for the best run of the day when hooked as well. A 50 yard rocket downstream.

There are times when everything just comes together.  Yesterday was one of those times. 

Great fish & even better company.


  1. Ralph thanks for the video. Lots of movement in that fly.
    Very hefty trout.

    1. Thanks BT. It would do well on your waters. It began as a curiosity during a winter group tying session, and caught a fish 1st cast the following morning. I need to redo the video though, since I have changed the hackle tie-in. Same fly in the end, just a technique change.

  2. Ralph
    Wow! some nice trout taken, glad you guys found success and everything fell in place. thanks for sharing