Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A Short Pond Walk

The CGR and X-Gurgler

With the evening landing me 5 minutes from a favorite pond, it only seemed right to take a walk around with the CGR and a few bugs.  

Tying on a #6 Black & White X-Gurgler, a 1/2 dozen fish were caught looking up around the lily clusters. Same fly all night. 


  1. Thanks for posting, Ralph. We catch naturally born Bass, Pickerel, Perch etc. and think nothing of it. Yet when we catch a native born trout, its a big deal. I guess we have been conditioned to the expectation of "manufactured" fish. I was thinking of going to Europe for some trout fishing. When I viewed a trout fishing video location Slovenia I was turned off to see the angler was catching Rainbow Trout. A Pacific trout in Europe at a destination trout stream. Give me a break! Clearly hatchery born and bred and raised to large size and released for the benefit of tourist/anglers.

  2. You're right, little respect is given to warmwater fish in most circles. Ant that fish should be a brown. :)

  3. Ralph likes his glass....well done.

  4. Further on Rainbow trout in Europe. I emailed the outfitter in Slovenia who told me "they raise Rainbow trout in their hatchery because that specie is the easiest/best from a hatchery operational viewpoint".

  5. Ralph
    Amazing how many individuals don't use the fly rod to land warm water species----loads of fun on the fly---thanks for sharing