Saturday, June 1, 2019

Valley Creek Jewels 2019

The 1st Valley Creek Jewel of 2019

With 24hrs since the last thunderstorm, I thought the water in Valley Creek should be lower and hopefully clear.  It was settled down when I arrived at 7am but a tad bit off color. SO, the decision was to go with nymphs.  

The stream held to its reputation as being a fickle piece of water, causing me to repeatedly go back to my boxes.  In the end, a #16 Squirrels Nest is what brought all of my fish to hand.

Tying the Squirrels Nest Nymph

Upstream I was able to pull a matched pair on 2 consecutive casts just before the pool was attacked by a a pair of labs and a retrieval dummy.  I was hidden behind the near-side support wall, but they were fun to watch.

They both had nice color

I always enjoy visits to Valley

The wild browns are beautiful

Four fish on the morning isn't bad for water that can leave you wanting for a single fish on any given day.

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  1. Ralph
    Colorful brown trout taken, if one fly doesn't get a take then the next one will. I'm a firm believer in changing flies when the action is slow. Thanks for sharing