Thursday, June 27, 2019

Crappie Night for the WOG

Crappie Night

Tonight Glenloch gave up no bass. Instead it offered up Crappie.  About a dozen of them, all nice slabs.  And all to the Gurgling Wog.

A dozen or so slabs later, I was still saying I should have kept the 1st one. They were chasing the Wog all over the lily pads.

The Wog, doing what it does best a pig of a Gill!!


  1. You're right Ralph. You should have kept a few. Filet some, poach in water with a touch of vinegar, shred the meat and refrigerate. Combine the chilled meat with some mayo, chopped onion and celery with crushed Ritz crackers. Form into patties and fry "fish cakes". We liked them for breakfast back when my inlaws had a camp at Lake Wallenpaupack.

  2. Crappie and the long wand- excellent- you should have kept them- they are the best eating- IMO of course. I took a bunch on a white woolybugger a week ago and a bunch again this week. The wife makes fish cakes with them that is to die for.....
    congrats on a great night- I need to get me one of those wogs. :)

  3. I know...hindsight. Wasn't prepared to keep anything. I agree though, filleted many caught through the ice. Great eating. You need to get in touch with the guy who ties those Wogs. ;)

  4. Mark
    I've never landed a crappie using a fly rod, that had to be a blast. That bluegill was worth keeping along with the crappie. Thanks for sharing