Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tying the Little Perch Streamer

Little Perch Streamer

The Perch Streamer was tied recently to mimic the color and flash of a 2" Yellow Perch Rapala.  I watched it do very well on bass while fishing a local small pond and though, "Huh?...I bet I could copy that in a streamer." A night on the bench and this was the result. Fished only once to date, it did very well on those very same bass. Durable and easily replicated, the options are limited only to your imagination.

Little Perch Recipe

Hook: #4 Daiichi 2370 7X  Dick Talleur
Thread:  6/0 Black
Abdomen:  Orange-Dyed Diamond Braid (Flanked Red)
Belly:  Gold Crystal Flash
Back: Olive Super-Hair (Barred Black)

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