Friday, September 11, 2015

Rebuilding Classic Glass

Johnson Profile Re-build

Creating another favorite rod

I was fortunate enough recently to trade a newer bass rod and reel for a rod that I have admired for a number of years.  Finally a Johnson Profile 800 rod was in my hands and soon after, on the water. brace yourself....while it was nice to look at, and I liked the taper quite a bit....I had some serious issues with it. 

I know, right now some die-hard glass fans are staring at their screens thinking, "Who IS this idiot? How dare he blaspheme the Profile?!"

Well, remember, I did say I loved the taper. And I also loved the cork grip. But that's where the romance ended. Let me preface the rest of this blog entry however with a few facts. While the rod is in 100% functional condition, the logo is almost completely gone, and 2 of the guides were already reworked by the previous owner. SO true collector value is no longer there. I want a daily use light bass rod, so this thing isn't going to sit pretty in a case. It's going to see South Jerseys warm water haunts regularly. The final decision, I have to like and enjoy the rod.

On to my disappointments....:)

The coil guides suck, are poorly spaced, far too small and at least 1 short of optimum in my opinion. Worst of all, the tip-top is the smallest I have ever seen. Especially for a 7wt rod. A simple loop-2-loop connection can't physically fit through it without help. Also,while I love the older glass rods, I absolutely hate the old aluminum reel seats. And this one even comes adorned with gold anodizing.  GREAT!

The result was, loved the rod....hated the rod. While deciding what to do, i went from re-trading it again, to an EBAY listing, which I later cancelled. Then decided to ask a buddy of mine from another forum "Bass_Bug" if he would be interested in taking a look at it. he had repaired and restored another glass rod for me years ago and did  an unbelievable job. His answer was a yes, IF the reel seat would come off.

A little boiling water and it was done. Off came the reel seat. SO things are moving forward. We are rebuilding a classic!

We will be keeping the cork, but replacing the seat, and all of the hardware. I say "WE", but B_B will be doing all the heavy lifting.

I'll try to share as much of the process as possible along the way.


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