Monday, September 21, 2015

Tying the Elk Hair Caddis (Lite)

Elk Hair Caddis (Lite)

This version of the Elk Hair Caddis (EHC) has been with me for over 25yrs. Early on it was suggested to me that the Wire rib/Tinsel on the EHC was not necessary, but to try it and find out for myself. After a few trips it was determined the advice was right, and I began tying the pattern as such. It's an excellent low-water patter, yet still rides high enough to skitter or fish faster waters. Give it a try. You may find as I did that a slight break in tradition can deliver a lifelong pattern. 

The EHC (Lite) Recipe 

Hook:  Standard Dry #8-18
Thread:  8/0 Dark Brown Uni-thread
Abdomen:  Ginger Hare-line Rabbit
Hackle: Light Furnace or Brown (One Size Smaller)
Wing:  Ginger Elk

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