Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tying The Cutthroat Fly

The Cutthroat Fly

This pattern was tied for Sea-Run Cutts on the Nisqually River in Western Washington in the early 90's. Adapted from the "Polar Gibson", I was looking for a darker hackle and thorax. After trying several variations, this pattern emerged and began to produce. Myself and others referred to it as "The Cutthroat Fly", and it was never named. It also pulled double-duty on the Olympic Peninsula for Summer Run Steelhead, specifically on the Satsop River. Having not fished it in nearly 20 years I offer it to anyone who is able to hit those northwest waters and hope it still brings fish to hand. 

TCF Recipe

Hook:  #6-8 Low-Water Salmon
Thread:  70 Ultra-Thread (Flo Orange)
Tail:  Orange Tippet
Rib & Tag:  Small Gold Tinsel
Abdomen:  Orange Hareline Rabbit
Thorax:  Black Ice-Dub (Originally Haretron)
Hackle:  Furnace Hen under Cree Dry

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