Thursday, July 28, 2016

South Jersey Topwater

Small Pond Topwater Foam 

A short stop between chores on some South Jersey small water. With the CGR 7wt always in the truck, a small box of freshly minted foam gurgler replacements went in the pocket.

The best bass of the night. They hit a #4 Gurgler running. Even had a couple 10" Chain Pickerel thrown into the mix. All were making slashing strikes, often missing on the 1st attempt.

In the short 1 1/2 hours before dark,  it seemed the gills that rose to the Gurgler were all chunks, but unlike the bass and Pickerel the gills just sucked in the fly with that tell-tale "click", and ran straight for the vegetation upon hookset. 

A couple dozen fish before dark make chores seem, not-so-bad.

See you on the water!

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