Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tying the Little Gill Streamer

Little Gill Streamer

The Little Gill Streamer is simply a variation of a well-established technique in tying hair bodied streamers. For this variation I use Superhair and target Bluegill Fry.  I have the most success with this pattern on bass in open water. Particularly when there is a large channel between lily pad pods. Fished on a floating line and standard mono leader, this fly is very effective when stripped just below the surface in varied rhythm, giving the streamer a struggling appearance.  

Little Gill Streamer Recipe

Hook:  #4 Stinger
Thread:  Black
Weed Guard:  25# Seaguar Flourocarbon
Body:  Olive / Blue SuperHair
Head:  Bug Bond
Coloration:  Black / Red marker

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