Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tying the Gurgling Frog

Gurgling Frogs

The Gurgling Frog is an adaptation of the Gartside Gurgler style foam head and body, with a bit more movement added along with a small frog theme. It's simple to tie, extremely durable and very effective.  The versions to be tied are limited only to your imagination. But this one, is a winner and remains in my box. Plop it down on the edges of the lilies...let it sit for a moment...give it a short 1" twitch to add life...let it sit again...then begin a 2-strip retrieve with a pause in between. More often than not, it gets taken on the first small twitch.

Gurgling Frog Recipe

Hook:  #2 Stinger
Thread:  Black 210/Danville
Tail: Olive Bucktail
Legs: Barred HackleTips
Body:  Green Fly Foam
Abdomen: Sculpin Wooly-Bugger Chenille
Hackle:  Barred Chestnut Silicone Legs

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